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Shared Ideals - The Fool's Journey through Gemini Season

The Journey so far; - We met the Fool at Imbolc - in Aquarius season and mid-winter with the tarot card The Star - symbolizing Hope and Inspiration. - In Pisces season as winter ends, The Fool learned about facing his fears and taking chances from the tarot cards The Moon and The Wheel of the Year.

- Next with the Spring Equinox and Aries season, the Fool learned about Confidence and Bravery from The Emperor and The Tower.

- Then the Fool learned about Pleasure and Preservation during Taurus season from The Empress and The Hierophant.

Now, it is Gemini Season. Astrologically it is the end of Spring (in the northern hemisphere), and we collectively feel and see the mutable energy shift from spring towards summer. Gemini is the Mutable Air sign, ruled by Mercury and with the key phrase "I THINK".

The Fool has (perhaps reluctantly) departed from the kingdom of The Empress, because they know that there is more for them to learn and discover. Perhaps it is the Fool's curious nature that drove them onward . . . seeking more knowledge without even knowing exactly what it was they would learn. Simply to process of saying "I want to know more" shows an open-mindedness - and through this open-minded attitude, our Fool finally meets The Magician.

The Magician is a teacher of many subjects, and an eternal student who is constantly learning more about the world through experimentation. He sees something of himself in The Fool, and invites them to be his apprentice for a time. "What will you teach me?" asks The Fool. "The power of your own mind and thoughts", replies The Magician. "How will I learn that?" the Fool asks. "By asking questions and thinking and talking, of course!" laughs The Magician.

The Magician has many tools, and many ingredients he uses for his alchemy and spells. But he teaches that the tools are only useful if one knows how and when to use them. The tools alone are just objects, it is the mind and intention of the one who wields the tool that creates an effect. In this way, the truth is revealed that all magic and change starts in the mind, and then must be applied to the physical world. "As above, So Below" is a favorite phrase of The Magician to help demonstrate the concept of thoughts and ideas manifesting into physical form. the Fool and the Magician spend hours and days talking theory, reading books and discussing together what they have read, and exploring the world around them. The Fool learns new languages and many practical skills, as well as developing a deeper appreciation for the art of conversation.

The time seems to fly by, and The Fool has learned a lot, yet they still feel like something is missing. "There are still so many things that I do not understand! Why is this? How can I still feel so empty, like I am yet still just half a person?" the Fool muses. The Magician chuckles, "Ah, well. . . there are some things you just can't learn by yourself. Sometimes you need another to be like a mirror, for you to see the world in a different way." The Fool frowns and cocks their head to one side... "Isn't that what you are? As my teacher and I your student, aren't you showing me how to see the world in a different way?" The Magician cocks an eyebrow and tries to hold back a laugh. "Um, not quite like that", he says. "You need to experience the equality of partnership. Someone whom teaches you, and you teach them, through shared experience of equal desire. Something you can't get from me, I'm afraid."

The Fool blushes, because they suddenly understand what The Magician is implying. "Oh, there is someone . . . I think maybe? When I go in town to the library there is someone I often meet there who seems to like the same books and subjects as I. We enjoy each other's company and I think there is some . . . attraction." The Magician laughs again, "yes, you young fool, this is what I mean. A partner that you can learn with, and enjoy talking to just for the sake of sharing. Someone you want to know as intimately as you know yourself, who can teach you things that no Teacher or Guru can show you! What is the point of learning all this magic and knowledge if you do not find someone to SHARE it with?"

And, with the encouragement of their Mentor, the Fool ventures out to find their friend and seek a new kind of Partnership. There are things we can only learn about ourselves through the mirror that is held up by an equal partner. Some applications of knowledge that can only be tested in partnership, and some truth that is not spoken or written down - but only found through openness with a deep connection to another person.

“It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.”
John Joseph Powell, The Secret of Staying in Love

Gemini is the sign of The Twins; representing someone who is an equal partner - someone who is like us yet separate from us and unique. Someone who is different, and yet the same. We often think of the twins as siblings, but the energy of Gemini also reflects non-sibling partnerships. It is a sign of ultimate curiosity - and what are we more curious about than the minds and hearts of others? In relationship we learn to share our thoughts and ideas. If we are lucky, we find someone who shares our ideals and goals, yet is different enough to challenge us and keep us growing. The Lovers card of the Tarot is the card of Gemini - the ultimate purpose of communication reflected in a desire to know and understand others, and for others to know and understand us.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury - planet of the Mind, Thoughts, Ideas, Communication, Movement, Travel, Trade. Commerce, and Sharing. In the Tarot, The Magician is related to the Planet Mercury; reminding us that everything we manifest starts with our thoughts and ideas, and with knowledge of proper tools and how to use them. "As above, So Below" is a reminder that WE are each a twin reflection of the grand divine whole of the Universe. Our partnerships with others are a reflection of the state of our partnership with the Divine, and with ourselves. The Fool's journey with these cards through

The Fool's journey through Gemini season is an opportunity for us to learn from these cards. Are we constantly learning and using our tools and resources to the best of our ability? Are we learning from our partnerships and finding satisfaction in sharing our ideals and ideas with someone we see as an equal?


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