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Meet The Coven

Ever Green Hearth - Coven Officers and Leadership

Woman Walking in Forest

Rebecca "Minty" Delph

(She / Her)
High Priestess of The Keepers of The Flame, ATC
3rd Degree Priestess; ATC WISE Tradition

A Founding member of The Ever Green Hearth, Minty and her partner Darrell were inspired to create this official branch of The ATC after the passing of Pete Pathfinder Davis in 2014.  Born in Washington state, Minty was raised Wiccan and as a result most of her magical training has just been a part of everyday life.  A senior at Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary, Minty also has a degree in Folklore and Creative Writing from Evergreen State College.   As a full time priestess and Tarot Card reader, Minty identifies as a Green Witch or Kitchen Witch and can often be found in her garden tending plants.  With a strong interest in Mythology, when Minty is not volunteering for Spring Mysteries Festival, she may be found reading a book about folklore and mythology or legends.  You can get a private tarot card reading from Minty at under the username BeccaFae .  

Darrell Delph

(He / Him )
High Priest, Keepers of The Flame ATC
3rd Degree Priest; WISE Tradition
Summoner, ATC Mother Church

Darrell has been involved with the Aquarian Tabernacle Church since the early 90's, and together with his partner Minty and others, helped found the Ever Green Hearth, established in 2015.  Darrell's Spiritual training through many years in Pagan community includes Northern European Traditions, Norse Rune work, and Wicca.  In his past work as the Dean of Ministry at Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary, Darrell helped connect students with various ministry opportunities.   With a Bachelor's Degree from Evergreen State College, Darrell is a full time Pagan minister focusing on administrative work for the ATC and EHG.  His other interests include Family, Gaming, Puns, and making everyone roll their eyes with his Dad Jokes.   

WSTS Ministry Department

Green Forest
Woman Walking in Forest


( She/Her )

Maiden, Keepers of The Flame, ATC

2nd Degree Priestess; WISE Tradition
Ever Green Hearth Archivist & Librarian

Elizette is a founding member of The Ever Green Hearth, participating as an active coven member, and the Hearth Librarian since 2015.  Elizette holds a Bachelor's Degree of Arts and Communication from The Evergreen State College, and currently works for the State of Washington in a position that allows her to help state residents find access to health services.  She is a Green Witch, with a strong interest in the magical and medicinal properties of plants.  Elizette is also a book worm who enjoys knitting, and a professional tarot card reader with Keen. Com – you can find her services with the user name Cloover.

Nikodaemus (Niko)


Summoner, Keepers of The Flame ATC
2nd Degree Priest, WISE Tradition
Ever Green Hearth Congregant Coordinator

Niko is a founding member of The Ever Green Hearth and has taken an active role in Ritual creation and volunteer work within the church since it was formed in 2015.  In his magical life, Niko enjoys Invocation, Tarot and Oracle card Reading, and Ritual Writing, and has a love for Magical Woodworking and the Egyptian Pantheon.  Niko holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Performance Arts and Public Performance, and is currently employed as a Pro Accounts Sales Associate at Home Depot.  When not working or volunteering with the coven, Niko enjoys video gaming, tabletop gaming, woodworking, and voice acting. 

Green Forest
Woman Walking in Forest

Titania (Ana) 


2nd Degree Priestess, WISE Tradition
Ever Green Hearth Marketing Director

Titania (Ana) ThunderLily is a 2nd Degree Priestess of the ATC WiSE Tradition, a professional tarot and palm reader, clairsentient, and empath. Ana is the Marketing and Social Media Supervisor for The Ever Green Hearth - ATC. Ana has her Bachelors Degree in Creative Writing and minor in Psychology from Western Washington University, and is currently a Senior at Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary. Ana is certified in Mental Health First Aid, and has a plethora of experience in crisis management. Ana is an aspiring novelist with a love of erotic fantasy, and a moderate to severe espresso addiction. Ana currently lives in Thurston County with her orange tabby cat familiar, Dave.

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