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Community Connections


Aquarian Tabernacle Church, Intl.

The Evergreen Hearth is an affiliate of the ATC.  Learn more about the ATC here


Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary

State Certified College for training the Wiccan Clergy of the ATC.  Also hosts public online events.  Learn more here


Seattle Psychics Association

Find certified Spiritual Counselors, Tarot Readers, and Healers here - as well as events and workshops.


Save The Seeds Foundation

A non-profit organization focused on promoting gardening and replanting the earth with heirloom seeds


Spiral Scouts International

A nonprofit youth and families organization focused on guiding children to be future stewards of the Earth

Wedding Canopy

Online Daily Devotionals

Join us for online Pagan Daily Devotionals.  There are morning and evening devotionals; free and open to the public.


Virtual Fellowship Hall

Online chatrooms available to ask questions or hang out with ATC members


Isabel de Fleur

Isabel is a Reiki Master utilizing crystals, aromatherapy and sound therapy. 

Isabel is also a Tarot reader focusing on helping you tap into your subconscious wants, desires, goals, and a path to make those happen. 

Seattle Psychics Association

Lilliana Blackstar

Lilliana is an Astrologer trained in Evolutionary Astrology as well as an experienced Tarot Card Reader.  With a focus on helping you achieve greater self-awareness for better goal-setting by understanding of your birth chart and current planetary transits.


Titania (Ana) ThunderLily 

Professional Empathic Psychic and Tarot & Palm Reader 


Roman Delgado

Psychic Reader and Shamanic Healer, owner of
Teotl Tonalli Intuitive Arts



Professional Tarot Card Reader

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