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Initiations and Balance -The Fool's Journey through Cancer Season

The Journey so far;

- We met the Fool at Imbolc - in Aquarius season and mid-winter with the tarot card The Star - symbolizing Hope and Inspiration.

- In Pisces season as winter ends, The Fool learned about facing his fears and taking chances from the tarot cards The Moon and The Wheel of the Year.

- Next with the Spring Equinox and Aries season, the Fool learned about Confidence and Bravery from The Emperor and The Tower.

- Then the Fool learned about Pleasure and Preservation during Taurus season from The Empress and The Hierophant.

- In Gemini season The fool learned about the power of the mind, and the importance of sharing with a true partner; lessons from The Magician card and The Lovers Card

The Fool has come so far and learned so much! Which is exactly what they originally set out to do. Now, as summer begins, The Fool finds themself longing for the comfort of home. Homesick, they decide it is time to return home, to visit their family. They can think of nothing else, so they set off on a return journey.

After many days of travel, the weary fool arrives at home, where they are welcomed and celebrated. The Fool is enjoying being home - it feels safe here and they do not have to worry about where the food is coming from or where they will sleep each night - as they feel very safe and secure and can finally let their guard down a little. It is so good to be back home - yet something feels different. The Fool can't quite place what has changed. Spending time in the places that once felt so familiar, now feels a bit strange. Still, the Fool soaks up all the comforts of home - the foods and smells and sounds of childhood, the presence of familiar people and family. Life is good, and the people of the village are eager to hear the stories of the Fool's journey. Many people comment on how much The Fool has grown and matured in their time away.

While out walking one evening at dusk, The Fool notices a beautiful temple along a path by the river. When was this temple built? It looks old - not damaged, it is well kept. But it does not look new or like it was recently built. It is so odd, because the Fool walked this path many times as a child and youth, but they don't remember ever seeing this temple before. Curious, they approach. A sign on the door indicates that the temple is open for visitors, and the fool steps inside.

A regal, and beautiful priestess sits in front of a large curtain, and she smiles at the Fool, who approaches cautiously. "Be not afraid, my child! Come, let us talk!" The Fool feels themself relax at her voice - it is a comforting and familiar voice. Though they have never met, this Priestess somehow seems familiar. "How do I feel like I know you? And how is it that I never saw this temple before? I grew up in this village, and I do not remember ever seeing it before!" The Priestess smiles and laughs, "You could not see the temple because you were not initiated. Now that you have gone out into the world and learned the things you learned - you have passed your first initiation, and you will begin to see things you did not see before." The Priestess Explains further; "This temple has always been here, but people do not see things that do not pertain to them. Those who are not ready, will not find themselves at my feet. And further still - there are more places within the temple that you are not yet ready to see." The veil behind the Priestess shimmers and moves, as if pushed by a slight breeze.

"There are many mysteries and truths within my temple, and you will have access to them when you are ready to see them. This is truth here in the temple, and out in the world, and also within your own mind and heart. Some things cannot be seen or understood until you have experienced the mystery. the Veil behind me represents all that is yet unseen for you, and it is the veil that is over your eyes when you have not yet experienced a deeper mystery of life. When you pull back the veil, you find some truth and wisdom, but there lies another veil beyond that."

"I myself serve the temple as a guide, to welcome those who are initiated, and then to guide you to your next initiatory path, to help you understand further what lies beyond the veil. Notice now the pillars - one black and one white; representing balance. You must embrace and accept both the dark and the light - the night and the day, and all that lies between. Notice now the inscriptions on the pillars; Boaz ("strength") and Jachin ("to preserve or establish"). The Pillars represent the opposing nature found in life: One one hand there is intuition and mercy and receptive acceptance. On the other hand there is severity and aggression and projective authority. Many of the mysteries lie within the balance of these two pillars. Your first initiation has opened your sight because you learned both the lessons of The Emperor and The Empress, and here at my feet you learn the balance between The Hierophant and myself - The High Priestess. "

The High Priestess goes on to explain that she is a Priestess of The Moon, and that through studying the moons phases and cycles, the Fool will begin to unlock the mysteries. She explains to the Fool that he could stop and just settle into life with what they have learned so far - or they could continue their journey and go out to continue uncovering the mysteries. The Fool hears the final warning from The High Priestess; "Be aware, some initiations are more harsh, and not all the mysteries are pleasant. Each initiation changes you and shapes you into something new. The choice is yours, you may stay here and rest, or you may continue on your journey".

The Fool returns home, and they rest and enjoy the comforts of home for awhile. Mother prepares their favorite foods, and their siblings entertain with stories and games. All the while, The Fool Ponders what to do - for although home is safe and happy and full of all the nurturing and comfort they could ask for - their spirit longs for something more. The Fool finally accepts that they will not truly be satisfied unless they continue their journey - and they go about telling their family and friends that they will be leaving once again.

The Fool makes preparations, and receives an invitation to the town square. They go, and much to their surprise, find that their family and a crowd of friends have gathered in the town center. A banner is hung up, and streamers and other decorations, and The Fool realizes that this is a celebration of them - the whole village gathered to see them off! The people gather around the Fool in excitement to present the gifts.

From the villagers - a suit of armor that is decorated with symbols of willpower and spiritual transformation. Also - a laurel wreath indicating the respect and honor that the fool has earned.

From the Fool's family - a chariot! A simple wagon, really, but something to make travel much more comfortable and swift. Mother explains, "This is so you can take a little bit of Home with you wherever you go. You will aways have a bed and shelter from the rain, and can carry your belongings with you. You may be on a Journey - but home is wherever you make it, and wherever you find comfort and rest."

From somewhere in the crowd, The High Priestess steps forward; "I too have a gift for you my child". The crowd gasps as two sphinxes appear in front of the Chariot. One white, and one black. The Fool looks up the Priestess with wonder and understanding in their eyes. "Ah yes, you understand", says the priestess. "These Sphinxes will pull your chariot, but they embody the parts of you that are in conflict. They represent the pillars of Boaz and Jachin within you - the receptive and the projective. The Kind and the Cruel. The brave and the cowardly. To get these sphinxes to work together to pull your chariot in one direction, you must master your own emotions and impulses. When you apply both your willpower and your intuition, and find balance within yourself, the Sphinxes will carry your chariot smoothly to your next destination."

The Fool has now become The Chariot-driver; an initiate of The High Priestess and a Seeker of Balance. They will follow the Moon and The Sun and The Stars and continue their journey - but now they know that their journey is also another series of Initiations that will continue to reveal the greater Mysteries to them.

The High Priestess is the card that correlates with The Moon. (Not the tarot card, "The Moon" but the heavenly body that is the moon in our sky.) The Moon is the ruler of the sign of Cancer. The bright full moon illuminates the darkness, showing us what is unseen or unknown. The cycles and phases of the moon teach us balance; Waxing and Waning show us the nature of give and take, the ebb and flow of light and dark in harmony.

The Chariot is the card that correlates with the sign of Cancer - and shows us how we can take "home" with us wherever we go. The Chariot teaches us that we can find nurturing and safety and personal power anywhere we go - if we are living in balance and applying willpower and intuition to master our emotions.


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