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An Aquarius Blue Moon

by Lilliana Blackstar

This month we have the year's second Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius - an Astrological "Blue Moon" with two consecutive full moons in the same sign! Leo season began with an Aquarius Full moon on July 23rd, and now it ends with an Aquarius Full Moon on August 21 & 22

The Full Moon occurs when the Moon is in Opposition to the Sun. Oppositions seek to teach us balance and integration of opposite energies. The moon has moved to be 180 degrees away from the Sun, and is in the opposite sign. Here we experience the Polar Axis of Leo and Aquarius. While Leo energy is related to personal pride and individual accomplishments, Aquarius reminds us of the value of community and group effort. We are reminded that life isn’t just about being an individual - but also about the collective experiences of our community.

Leo is the sign of Self Expression, Creativity, and Fun. While the Sun has brought us lessons of Individual self expression and personal creativity, the Full Moon is reminding us to balance this energy with Humanitarian efforts or creativity that supports the community rather than just serving individual ego. Aquarius is the sign of The Rebel, because often times true change that benefits humanity or community happens through rebelling against structures or systems that are oppressive. While Leo is focused on Individuality, Aquarius is focused on true Freedom.

Aquarius: Community, Invention, Rebellion, Revolution and Humanitarianism.

"The Water Bearer" While a name like "The Water Bearer" might suggest that Aquarius is a Water sign - it is an Air sign. The water itself is not the focus here; but the modes of transporting the water and moving it from one place to another. Aquarius is the movement of ideas among people and therefore relates to technological innovation and communication of new thought patterns.

The need for balance between Aquarius and Leo

Aquarian Idealism can best be described as a desire for something new that supports individual freedom. When we are tuned in to Aquarian energy we think outside the box and seek solutions to common problems that may go against the Status-Quo. The phrase "Necessity is the mother of invention" seems very Aquarian to me; as when something is needed the human mind will get very creative to find ways to meet that need! Telephones, Computers, and the Internet are good examples of inventions that served the needs of a world that was seeking ways to be more connected and informed. So how does Leo energy fit in here? Leo brings the courage, Leadership, and Confidence needed to take the Aquarian ideals and inventiveness to the next level! Someone might have a really good idea, but they need the energy of Leo to be able to stand up and say "Hey, look at my really good idea!" This balance flows both ways - for someone might have the confidence and leadership of Leo - but they won't actually make much lasting beneficial change with that energy unless they also have the ability to think outside the box like Aquarius.

How to Celebrate This Full Moon: - Full Moons are all about finding balance. It is a great time to reflect on how you are personally balancing between Leo and Aquarius energy in your life. Are you being both the Inventor and the Leader in things that matter to you? Do you need to think outside the box or outside of the Status-Quo to find solutions to your problems? Are you considering the needs of your community alongside your personal goals?

- If you are making moon water, add the intention of Aquarius energy. Bless and charge this water with the Aquarian intention of bringing change & revolution to your life. (If you don't want radical change & inventive or rebellious energy right now, maybe skip making the moon water and focus instead on some journaling or divination with this Full Moon - The Water Bearer may have special ideas or insights for you!)

- Bless and charge your crystals and gemstones. However, grounding & stabilizing stones might not need this Aquarian energy. Instead, focus on your gemstones that are good for clear mind, communication, and energizing or motivating - they will really benefit from a charge under the Aquarian Blue Moon! - Meditate and journal with the Tarot Cards of Strength (Leo) and The Star (Aquarius)

Aug 21 - Moon in Aquarius (Full Moon)

🌕Aug 22 - FULL MOON in AQUARIUS (exact at 5:00 am PST / 8:00 am EST) Moon enters Pisces at 5:43 am PST / 8:43 am EST. Sun enters Virgo at 2:35 pm PST

The Aquarius Full Moon occurs at 29 degrees Aquarius in the early morning hours of August 22. Immediately after this, the moon moves into the sign of Pisces. A few hours later, the sun moves into the sign of Virgo. Therefore the night before this - the night of August 21 is a great time to do your Full Moon work. The moon is still “Full” during this time, but on the 22nd the moon will change signs to Pisces early in the morning. The 21st is the last full day of Leo season, with the moon in Aquarius all day, so this is probably your ideal time to do your work with the Full Moon. On the 22nd, the moon and sun quickly shift energy, and Virgo season begins; bringing a different type of energy to the rest of this moon cycle.


Lilliana Blackstar is a Dedicant of The Ever Green Hearth, ATC. A Senior at Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary, and a professional astrologer at Hestia's Muse. You can contact Lilliana for a personal Astrology reading on our Community Connections page.


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