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The Two Full Moons of Leo Season

By Lilliana Blackstar

Astrologically, the Full Moon occurs when the Moon is in the exact opposite sign from the Sun. Full Moons are times of duality; highlighting the need for balance and harmonizing the oppositions found in nature. The polarity sign offers balance to it's opposite sign - each sign must learn from the other.

Through the journey of the Sun and Cycles of the moon, we can tap into this polarity point deeply. The Full Moon is always in the opposite sign of the sun, reflecting back the sun's light brightly through the night asking us the find balance and providing an opportunity to harmonize these opposing energies. When the sun is in Leo, the full moon will occur in the sign of Aquarius.

This Leo season is special, because there will be TWO full moons while the sun is in the sign of Leo; Two Aquarius Full Moons! This phenomenon is originally known as a "Blue Moon", though modern times have changed the meaning of Blue Moon to relate to when two full moons happen in the same calendar month. These two full moons will not happen in the same calendar month, but they will occur in the same Solar month. (There is some debate on whether or not the term "Blue Moon" will apply here; personally I think it is more relevant when the two full moons happen in the same Solar Month rather than the calendar month, but you can decide if you want to call it a Blue Moon or not)

The sun entered Leo on July 22, 2021 at 7:26 am PST, while the moon was in Capricorn.

The moon enters the sign of Aquarius at 5:12 pm PST on July 23. The first full moon of the Season occurs with the Moon at 01° Aquarius and Sun at 01° Leo - with the exact Sun-Moon opposition at 7:36 pm (PST) on July 23, 2021.

The next Full Moon occurs on August 22nd, just before the Sun leaves Leo and moves into Virgo. The Full Moon will be exact at 5:01 am PST on August 22 with the moon at 29° Aquarius and Sun at 29° Leo. The sun leaves the sign of Leo later that same day, and Virgo season begins on Aug 22 at 2:35 pm PST

With two full moons in Leo season - the lessons of finding balance and harmony between the two opposite signs of Leo and Aquarius is especially highlighted.

The basis of the Leo-Aquarius Axis is Self-Expression vs Group Expression. Leo is focused on self-expression, individuality, and our personal creative potential. Whereas Aquarius is focused on group expression, community, and the creative potential of groups of people working together. Leo asks, "what do I get out of this activity"? while Aquarius asks, "What does the community/group get out of this activity"?

The lessons of Leo: * Self Confidence * Individuality * strength of willpower * Following desires of the heart * Playfulness & Enjoyment of Life * Creativity for the sake of Creation

The lessons of Aquarius: * Recognizing others as special * Equity and Equality * strength of collective/group willpower * listening to desires of the group * Revolution and Unconventionality * Creativity for the sake of humanitarianism

Leo relates to the Creative spark from a place of Self Expression, whereas Aquarius relates to the Creative spark from a place of Group Expression. There is art that is made to express an individual's experience, and then there is art that is made to express a more communal experience. Leo creativity comes from a personal need (the ability to create a desired outcome that serves the one) and Aquarius creativity comes from a group need (the ability to create something that serves the whole). The balance comes in the discovery that both of these are important. There are things that we all need as a collective, and there are things that an individual needs but the whole group doesn't.

The balancing point is finding ways to harmonize from extremes, to find something that satisfies both individual needs AND group needs. Leo may tend to be focused on its own individual experiences to a point of narcissism while Aquarius takes a more aloof, detached approach as it focuses on Humanitarianism - an awareness of the Collective. This is where balance is necessary. Aquarius reminds Leo that if one person in the community is suffering, it lowers the health of the collective group experience. However, Leo reminds Aquarius that the collective group is more functional if each person can shine with their unique individuality.

Both signs are Rebels in their own way - each desiring to be seen as unique and special. Leo energy is generally satisfied with being appreciated and validated for being themselves; and for their unique talents and skills. Aquarius also desires appreciation and validation, but they measure this value in terms of what they are offering to the Community or how they are influencing a broader group.

Happy Full Moon! I hope that all through Leo Season you can reflect on the power of balancing and harmonizing the energies of Leo and Aquarius in your life!

Lilliana Blackstar is a professional Astrologer and tarot card reader offering services at . They are a Dedicant of the Keepers of The Flame ATC Coven (The Ever Green Hearth) Please see our Community Connections page to learn how to connect with The Ever Green Hearth members and affiliates.


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