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On Tools of The Trade

by Rev. Nikodaemus Shadowsky

I know, what trade could I possibly be referring to in a blog like this right? Well, it might surprise you to know I'm referring to everyone's trade, or rather the trade of being you. I promise it will become clearer as I go. You, as a person, obviously have a trade you focus on or specialize in, be that a profession/job or a hobby or talent you excel at. There is, however, another trade you've been doing practically all your life, and that is living to be the best you.

Now this trade is a menial one at times and the paycheck isn't all that great, but it definitely has a good benefits package, in that you're still alive. Some find this trade well and simple to do day in and day out, but many struggle and even suffer at times completing their day-to-day for many a reason.

One such reason is not understanding the requirements or assignments and further being frustrated when they do not or cannot complete what is expected of them, sometimes repeatedly. They feel guilt and shame and defeated because something goes wrong or they misunderstand or assume incorrectly, and it leaves them feeling like it's not worth it to try again or continuing to try other similar tasks.

I have a method that may help those people. What you see as a failure or misunderstanding is actually an extra tool to help you in your trade. You, in experiencing this non-success of sorts, have discovered a way to not achieve your goal, and therefore know how not to do so next time. Thomas Edison, upon completing the invention of a functioning lightbulb, said to those who could only focus on how many times he'd failed before his success, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

This is what we call growth and learning. We as humans are ever-growing, ever-learning, ever evolving; we are always trying to be better than we were the day before. Instead of focusing on the failures and shortcomings we experience along that journey through life, instead view those experiences as simply another tool in your arsenal of being a better you. Every single experience, good or bad, is a lesson and a tool you have gained. When you take on a new task, you utilize every tool on your belt to complete that task, whether it is a tool gained from a success or a tool gained from unsuccess. Use those unfortunate results for your growth and future success, and you can never really say you've failed, but simply gained a new tool for your trade.


About The Author Rev. Nikodaemus Shadowsky (He/Him)

2nd Degree Priest, WISE Tradition

Niko is a founding member of The Ever Green Hearth and has taken an active role in Ritual creation and volunteer work within the church since it was formed in 2015. In his magical life, Niko enjoys Invocation, Tarot and Oracle card Reading, and Ritual Writing, and has a love for Magical Woodworking and the Egyptian Pantheon. Niko holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Performance Arts and Public Performance, and is currently employed as a Pro Accounts Sales Associate at Home Depot. When not working or volunteering with the coven, Niko enjoys video gaming, tabletop gaming, woodworking, and voice acting.


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