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Wintergreen for Protection, Prosperity, Healing

Wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens) is a charming evergreen plant known for its glossy leaves and delightful aroma. Native to North America, particularly in the eastern parts of the continent, this low-growing shrub thrives in woodland areas. Common names include Canada tea, checkerberry, deerberry, mountain tea, partridge berry, spicy wintergreen and spring wintergreen.

The leaves of Wintergreen release a distinct, minty fragrance when crushed, giving it its name. Beyond its olfactory appeal, Wintergreen has been traditionally used for various medicinal purposes by indigenous peoples, who brewed teas from its leaves for pain relief and respiratory ailments.

The leaves are used for teas, tinctures, poultices, and to make essential oil. The plant also yields small, scarlet berries that are edible and contribute to the plant's visual allure. In addition to its cultural and aromatic significance, Wintergreen is a source of essential oil, widely used in the flavoring and fragrance industries. Whether appreciated for its natural beauty, aromatic essence, or historical applications, Wintergreen stands as a multifaceted and valuable botanical presence in its native habitats.

While Wintergreen Leaf does not belong to the Mint family, it offers potential relief for digestive issues such as stomach aches and flatulence (gas). Additionally, it has been historically employed in addressing various painful conditions, including ovarian pain, menstrual cramps, headaches, nerve pain, and arthritis. The medicinal applications of Wintergreen Leaf extend to managing asthma, inflammation, fever, and kidney issues. It is crucial to emphasize the importance of consulting with a healthcare professional before incorporating any herbal alternatives, as potential reactions with prescribed medications may occur. This information is not intended as medical advice.

The magical uses of Wintergreen

Wintergreen is a plant that is known for its magical and energetic properties. It is commonly used for protection, healing, hex removal, and prosperity work. It is considered to be plant of the Water element and the Earth element. Wintergreen has planetary associations with both Saturn (protective) and the Moon (Healing). Wintergreen is also considered a Capricorn plant or a totem of Capricorn energy.

To protect your home, you can grow Wintergreen outside as a guardian. You can also use dried bundles of Wintergreen to cleanse your home or remove hexes. If you place Wintergreen in your pillowcase, it is believed that it will protect you from nightmares and bring good fortune into your life. If you want to invite benefic spirits to aid or witness your magic, you can place Wintergreen on your altar. Additionally, you can use Wintergreen in healing spells for protection and prosperity.


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