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The Month of Gamelion

Happy New Year from The Ever Green Hearth!

The ancient people of Greece and Athens lived by a Lunar Calendar - counting the first day of a month to be the day of the New Moon. The New Moon in Capricorn happens on the afternoon of January 2, So I have calculated that this Hellenistic Lunar Month begins on January 2. (This calculation might be different depending on region - this is my own personal calculation for North America)

Gamelion was the Lunar Month sacred to Hera. The Full Moon of the month of Gamelion is considered a Sacred Day of Hera, and the 26th of the month was the Festival of The Gamelia (Theogamia) - a celebration of the Sacred Marriage of Zeus and Hera. The month of Gamelion also included a Festival called The Lenaia - in honor of Dionysus and the Maenads; from about January 12th through 15th.

Below I have outlined some of the Sacred Days of this month if you would like to observe them or let them inspire your spiritual practice.

Gamelion 1 (Jan 2) - Noumenia “Noumenia” is the New Moon, and the first day of the month. It was generally a time to honor Hestia and Zeus, along with any primary Deities of the household or family. Offerings were made to Hestia (Vesta) and the Home was cleansed and blessed for the new month. Prayers and offerings were also made to Zeus for good fortune, and each family or household may have had other deities that they prayed to and made offerings to at Noumenia.

Gamelion 2 (Jan 3) The second day of the month was a time to honor Agathos Daimon - the benevolent Household Spirit. Ancient Greeks believed that each household had it’s own Daimon (Spirit) and it would be amiss to not honor these spirits at the start of each month. Other Deities of House and Home may also have been honored at this time. It was also customary to make offerings to Dionysus at this time, with prayers that wine and frivolity may flow in the household through the month ahead.

Gamelion 3 (Jan 4) The third day of every month was considered sacred to Athena. Offerings and prayers to Athena were appropriate, and it may have also been a day that artisans and shopkeepers would open their shops again to sell their goods or be hired, or other civic duties were tended to.

Gamelion 4 (Jan 5) The fourth day of every month was a day sacred to Aphrodite, Eros, and Hermes. Offerings and Prayers were made to these Deities on the 4th day of each month.

Gamelion 6 (Jan 7) The sixth day of every month was a day sacred to Artemis. Prayers and Offerings were made to Artemis at the 6th Day of each Lunar Month.

Gamelion 7 (Jan 8) The seventh day of every month was a day sacred to Apollo; prayers and offerings would be made in his name.

Gamelion 8 (Jan 9)

The 8th day of every month was a day to honor and pray to Poseidon.

Gamelion 9 (Jan 10) The 9th day of every month was a day to honor Rhea (Gaia) and The Muses as well as Demeter.

Gamelion 12 - 15 (Jan 13 - 16) Festival of Lenaia - Parties and Celebrations to honor Dionysus and the Maenads

Gamelion 15 -16 (Jan 16 - 17) - Full Moon The Full Moon during the month of Gamelion was considered sacred to Hera. Every full moon of the year is sacred to a different Deity, and this is the month of Hera.

Gamelion 20 (January 21) - Sun enters Aquarius

Gamelion 26 (January 27) Theogamia - Festival of Heiros Gamos - The Sacred Marriage of Zeus and Hera

Gamelion 28 - 29 (Jan 29 - 30) Dark Moon Hekate’s Deipnon The last days of the month, the Dark Moon before the New Moon is the day sacred to Hekate. I find the time of the Dark Moon to be a great time to work with Hekate through Meditation and Divination. The Ancient Athenians also honored Hekate by leaving food for the poor at crossroads - you can put a modern twist on this by making a monthly donation to a local food pantry or shelter.

--Saturday, January 29 - Imbolc With The Ever Green Hearth! Stay tuned for information on how to join our public online Sabbat Ritual!


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