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Rosemary - Uses and Benefits

Rosemary is a remarkable herb often used in cooking. Rosemary has many benefits besides tasting good in food. It has many great benefits that help with these things:

It can help with easing headaches or help to deal with fatigue.

Rosemary is antiseptic and antifungal. It is able to assist in healing skin infections, fighting off diseases, and ease respiratory distress. Rosemary aids your circulation.

Me for example, I have really poor circulation in my hands and feet. I should use Rosemary more often to help boost my circulation. I also deal with asthma. A Rosemary steam bath would help me breathe easier while having an asthma attack or even a panic attack. Rosemary has also been proven to help some lower their stress or anxiety. This will not work for everyone as one person is different from the next. (Always check with a medical professional before using in this way.)

Rosemary is also helpful when you have muscle aches or pains. It has a natural anti-inflammatory that helps calm aches and pains. Use it in a massage oil to help soothe sore muscles. While getting that massage, Rosemary will also aid your circulation as the massage helps to move the blood through your body. When put into a topical cream, Rosemary can be placed directly to a problematic area. Try that when getting a massage to see if it might help you. You can also ingest Rosemary to help with migraines, menstrual cramps, or arthritis.

Rosemary, as a hair rinse can help get rid of dandruff and help boost the natural shine of your hair along with the growth. Rosemary is helpful in growing your hair long if that is what you wish to do. Due to the oils in the leaves of Rosemary, it acts as a natural disinfectant that helps protect your scalp from harmful bacteria which can cause hair loss or thinning. Do you worry that you might end up with premature gray hair? Rosemary can also help with this as it prevents premature graying.

Rosemary is also great for skin and hair. It can reduce the signs of aging and help clear acne from your skin due to the same natural disinfectant that is useful for your scalp. With Rosemary having natural anti-inflammatory properties, it will help keep redness at bay.

Chew on a branch of Rosemary for a quick breath freshener as well. The astringent properties will help freshen your breath if you are in a rush or ate something that lingers like garlic. Those same astringent properties can also make Rosemary great for dealing with any unwanted odor our bodies sometimes make.

It works great as a natural deodrant and is perfect for anyone that wants natural and chemical free body products. Rosemary can be very beneficial in your day-to-day life if you give it the chance. Eat it, use it as facial steam, use it as massage oil etc, to find the benefits that Rosemary has for you. (But make sure to ALWAYS check with a medical professional before trying something new like this.)


Saiyo (They/Them) is a Dedicant of The Ever Green Hearth and a Sophomore at Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary. They have a passion for Herbs and Plants, and have created their own small business: The Brew - making bath and body products for self care. You can follow their business on Social Media and order these amazing natural home-made products from their Etsy Shop!


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