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Magic, Manifestation, and The Wounded Soul

Magic, Manifestation, and The Wounded Soul by Roman Delgado

It is the beginning of another year, time passes by and we begin to once again re-evaluate our lives. What we need to let go. What we need to keep. What we need to birth into being. This is a sacred task if there ever was any, as it is the beginning of a magical act. The act of manifestation. In my work as a psychic and spiritual healer this is a time of the year when I see a lot of clients asking what the New Year will bring for them. I get a lot of clients asking for spiritual advice on how to bring their dreams into reality.

I also see a lot of clients who come to me because they cannot seem to get out of a bad space in their lives. In some cases it is a simple task, they ask me as a psychic how to get good luck. So many people come to me because they feel they are very unlucky. They look for crystals, oils or magical amulets and talismans to improve their luck. When they come to me for help, the first thing I ask is something that baffles non magical people: What have you done to take off the bad luck? As simple of a question as that is it is a valid one. To do magic for good luck without taking off the bad luck is like going to a job interview in your best business suit, after working all day in the garden, dirty and sweaty without taking a shower first.

There are however deeper cases. I have seen many people who come to me because no matter how much they cleanse, how many crystals they buy, or how many money spells they cast. Nothing changes and they are always in a bad place in life. This is where my true calling hits into gear and I say something very important, yet many times unwelcome: If you can’t seem to get out of a bad place in life, no matter how much you try, you do not need to cleanse, you do not need money spells. You need a healer and a damn good one at that.

There are situations in which our own spiritual wounding, at a Soul Level, can prevent us from living the life we dream of living. Read that last sentence again. If you have a deep level of wounding. A wounding that goes beyond the physical, beyond the mental, beyond the emotional, into the spiritual, it will work to your detriment when trying to manifest your dreams. Be them cracks or holes in your Aura, be it a feeling of being powerless, be it a feeling of emptiness. All of these are signs of illness that I as a Shamanic Healer see in my clients in the regular basis. Each could be spoken in a lengthy manner all on its own.

Without going deep and lecturing all of you in the concepts of Shamanic Illness the cure begins simply with acknowledging your own energetic state. Know that there is an issue that needs to be healed and perhaps you many need help healing it. It is here where I insert another piece of advice that tends to be triggering and unpopular: Do not fall into the trap of identifying as a victim. I am not telling you to not be angry about being mistreated. I am saying that gaining a sense of identity from being wounded can only attract more wounding. I know this from personal experience.

So if not feeling whole and powerful can stop us from being good Pagans and Magical people. What do we do about it? Well, number one is reclaiming our power from our abusers and trauma and letting go of the victim identity. Beyond that is reclaiming the pieces of your Soul, Energy and Power that traumatic life events have caused you to lose them.

Trying to do manifestation magic with Soul Level Wounds is like trying to run a marathon with a missing limb and its wound still bleeding. To be truthful and honest, Soul Level Wounding is something that healing all on your own is a bad idea. You need the help of experienced, properly trained, ethical clergy and/or spiritual healers. This blog post is not meant to teach you how to fix it all, simply to raise your awareness of how Soul Level Wounding can lead you to being ineffective at manifestation and other forms of positive magic.

Take a good inventory of when your magic has failed you. Did you follow all the possible steps to make it work? Was the only missing component something deep inside of you? Was the reason you did not manifest your dream the fact that deep inside the pain and wounding is too much to be able to invest magical energy in your spellwork? If so it is about time to see the Healer or Clergy of your choice and see what wounding within you is keeping you from your dreams. You deserve to be happy, you deserve to be healthy. God and Goddess will it so, the only ones truly getting in the way is ourselves. Will you listen to the call of the divine and make your Soul whole again? Or will you waste the magic of the New Year once more by manifesting at half power?

The Choice is Yours… Live… Heal… Create.

Roman Delgado is a Psychic Reader and Shamanic Healer at Teotl Tonalli Intuitive Arts. He is an active of the Keepers of the Flame Coven, ATC (The Ever Green Hearth) Please check our Community Connections page to find ways to connect with Roman or other members and Affiliates of The Ever Green Hearth.


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