Public Events

We are happy to provide Public Sabbat Rituals throughout the year.  Upcoming events will be listed here; we hope you will join us in celebration of the Wheel of the Year!


Litha Ritual - Online With The Ever Green Hearth

Saturday, June 25
4:00 pm PST


Come join The Ever Green Hearth as we celebrate the season of Litha! Join us as we continue the turning of the Wheel of the Year and witness the exchange of power between the kings Oak and Holly, and perhaps a surprise visit by another...
This Sabbat ritual will be presented on Microsoft Teams and is open to any and all who wish to attend. Links to the ritual and chatroom are coming soon!


Lammas Monologues - "GodCon" with the ATC

Online and in Person! - come learn more at
August 6 - 7, 2022
Come and see the parade of Gods, Goddesses, Archetypes, Elementals, and Energies at the Annual Lammas Monologues. All pantheons welcome, be you First Nation, Greek, Chinese, Hindu, Shinto, and many more. Come express honor to the Gods and give them thanks for all the things they bring into your life!

Festivities will take place Saturday August 6th and Sunday August 7th 2022 on the Microsoft Teams platform. Details will be forthcoming and include workshop opportunities such as Invocation, Shrine Attending, Offerings and How to Talk to the Gods


Hekate's Sickle Festival

Galactic Spring is beginning, and the Aquarian Age is truly underway. We are entering a new world. Together we will manifest the dawning of a new era where the gods walk with us upon the earth and mankind is connected to spirit. Let us use the energy of the Aquarian Age to bring forth an Era of humanitarian balance. We will bring to light a world of equality, respect, and abundance for all beings.


We will hear Gaia’s words, her original intention for humans on this earth, and her intentions for us as we enter this new age through the stories and embodiments of the Titans, the Olympians, and the new iterations of the Gods.

Register today at !